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Laura Ramus, P.T.,A.T.C. received a BS in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in 1987. She then completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine through the University of North Carolina and Health South Rehabilitation Corporation, receiving her certification as an Athletic Trainer in 1990. During this fellowship Laura trained under prominent orthopedic surgeons Dr. James Andrews and Dr. William Clancy in Birmingham Alabama. She has 14 years of experience treating orthopedic / sports medicine injuries in professional, collegiate and amateur athletes. Laura was an Athletic Trainer for both the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the 1994 United States Paralympic swim team. Laura is presently the Head Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach for the WNBA Detroit Shock. She is also the Manager of Sports Medicine for St. John Hospital & Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan and staff member/presenter of the Mid American Sports Medicine Institute 2000. She currently spends most of her time lecturing and training coaches, athletes and parents in measures to prevent serious knee injuries in female athletes.

  • Training Camp 2005 Roll Out Schedule across the U.S.A. !
  • Charter Locations : Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Portland, Tulsa
  • More locations coming soon!

    Interview with Laura Ramus, P.T., A.T.C.

    Q. What's the GirlsCanJump™ Training Camp all about?

        A. We're about helping female athletes become the best they can be. We're seeing phenominal growth in the participation of competitive sports by female athletes throughout North America, and in many other places in the world. It's essential that best-in-class professional strength training and injury prevention training techniques be made available to female athletes at all age levels. This is becoming even more important, as we are seeing female athletes experiencing knee injuries 5 times more frequently than their male counterparts.
    Laura Ramus, head trainer for the Detroit Shock women’s professional basketball team, and founder of the GirlsCanJump™ training program. She is shown jogging with her dog, Chewko.

        Q. What age levels is the program geared to?

        A. If you're a female playing competitive sports, then you need training. This means professional athletes, college level athletes, high school and junior high level.

        Q. What can you expect to learn, and how long is the program?

        A. A first timer's GirlsCanJump™ program is 8 weeks meeting three times a week - a total of 24 sessions , and includes Dynamic Warm-Up training, Plyometric Training Progression, Strength Training and learning Cool Down, all scientificaly designed to increase an athlete's performance and help prevent knee injuries. In addition, our sessions teach awareness about characteristics that make some female athletes more predisposed to ACL related knee injuries, so that athletes can understand and become more proactive with their personal physician or trainer, and the medical community.

        Q. What type of measurable increased athletic performance can be expected?

        A. For example, a lot of female basketball and volleyball players want to increase their vertical jump height. Our program measures vertical height, before starting the program and after completion. Following successful completion of the entire program, athletes can increase their vertical jump up to 6 inches, and more. A lot depends on the goals each athlete has at the start, and their determination, effort and focus to achieve their goals. In other words, reach for the stars and if you truly believe, you can achieve your goals. We're here to help, and to supervise that proper training techniques are utilized throughout the program.

        Q. Sounds like a winner! So, when and where will the Training Camps start and how often will they run?

        A. Our plans are to go live and roll out the training camps in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in the Detroit, Michigan area by Autumn, 2005 - call it October 2005. Then, move into Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Portland and some other metropolitan area around Christmas time, 2005 and early 2006. We have plans to reach out coast to coast with over 50 locations by the end of 2006. The programs will run throughout the year. In some cases, where the trainers are playing their professional sport, it will be during their off season.

        Q. Will you be involved in each location startup?

        A. Yes. Each location will be staffed by an experienced professional trainer, off-season professional athlete, or by a retired professional athlete. I will be present from time to time at each location, assisting in the training program. In addition, future plans are to ensure that each location will offer GirlsCanJump™ sports specific training guides, video programs, and advanced training equipment.

        Q. How can someone find out more about these programs or sign up? Also, how much will the program cost?

        A. We'll be updating our website, with application material, schedules, and other information you need to sign up. You already have some good resources available on the GirlsCanJump™ website, and there's more to come. Thanks for the good feedback from coaches, trainers and players on this material, like the importance of playing in a crouched position ( click here ). That seems to be a favorite. In the meantime, if you're an athlete and would like to have your name on the top of the list in your area, send us an email. Here's the address for requests, send it to Be sure to leave us your address and phone number. Also, wherever you live, let us hear from you. Your emails are important to us, in choosing sites. Also, if you are a coach and would like to set up a customized program for your team or for your area, please let us know. About cost, we are looking at about $225 for each participant, that's an estimate, as a lot depends on local costs in each area, and the number of athletes in each program.

        Q. Thank you, Laura. I've learned a lot in our interview and it sounds like this is the type of program that can help girls everywhere prevent injuries and increase their performance, and at the same time, learn proper training techniques from the pros!

        A. Your welcome, and it's my pleasure to do interviews like this! That's what it's all about. We want to reach out as professionals to the community, and get the information that we have learned in professional sports, to girls at all levels. We have a mission, and we need everyone's help - Coaches, Parents, Players, School Administrators, and the media - to make it happen !