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GCJ    What Does Research Say?

In one of the few studies to probe for biomechanical differences, Caraffa, Cerulli, and Projetti recently analyzed knee joint kinematics during the sidestep cutting maneuver in 16 men and 14 women. They found greater intra-subject variability in knee rotation in women than men. However, they determined that this resulted from the women's lesser experience with cutting relative to the men, not from inherent differences, and they concluded that differences in ACL injury risk are not likely to be explained by differences in knee motion during cutting ( though their study didn't actually analyze ACL injury risk). The authors concluded that skill-specific training would increase experience levels and possibly decrease variation in knee joint kinematics.

Summary of Correct Jumping Techniques

•Land on the ball of your foot and sink into your heel.
•Flex at the hips, knees and ankles.
•Maintain a straight back-neutral spine position.
•Maintain chest over knees and knees over second toe.

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